A Colourful Cafe
in the heart
of Masterton

Masterton’s newest café and coffee roastery brings a splash of Central American colour to the Wairarapa. Don Luciano Café opened in December 2017, in the beautifully refurbished, deco-style Chilton Buildings. Owner Marvin Guerrero will be serving Kiwi café food alongside the best of Central American street food and his very own blend of coffee. Regular Wairarapa café-goers will know Marvin from his stints as maître d’ at Salute in Greytown and Café Medici in Martinborough. With this new venture, Marvin draws on his Honduran heritage to introduce locals to the flavours and verve of his native Central America.   

The first thing people usually ask is why Marvin has called his new café ‘Don Luciano’. “It’s the name of my grandfather, who was a coffee farmer in Honduras. He introduced me to coffee.” Coffee, says Marvin, and the rituals around making it, “gave my grandfather so much pleasure. He had a real passion for it.” Don Luciano was born in 1896 and he grew coffee in La Esperanza, in the Intibucá region of Honduras, at one of the highest altitudes in Central America – “where the best coffee comes from”.

Breakfast &

The menus main emphasis will be on “honest, fresh food”, with plenty of vegetarian options. If you’re hungry, you’ll be able to choose between a Kiwi breakfast or lunch, or a Latino one – Huevos Rancheros (fried eggs on hot corn tortillas with salsa). Or you can try Arepas (stuffed cornbread), Pupusas (stuffed tortillas), or Baleadas (Honduran flour tortillas stuffed with refried beans, cheese and the Honduran-style sour cream known as Mantequilla). If there’s any room left after that, you may just have to succumb to the Churros (fried doughnuts, served with a chocolate dipping sauce).


roasted coffee

Don Luciano will be the home of 'Gracias' Coffee, roasted on site at Don Luciano headquarters. Our state-of-the art roasting machine is from Germany and is located right in the cafe, roasting specially selected beans to perfection. Your coffee shot will come from a handcrafted Italian coffee machine that looks like it came straight out of a 1950s diner.

So if the thought of a Central American coffee experience sounds intriguing, look out for Don Luciano and the sign of the scarlet macaw among the coffee beans, Honduras’ national bird and the emblem of Gracias coffee.  

Gracias coffee is available to purchase online. You can also buy direct from us, 250gm bags of our chocolatey roast called ‘The Don’ from the Cafe.


Monday - 7am to 2.30pm

Tuesday - 7am to 4pm

Wednesday - 7am to 4pm

Thursday - 7am to 4pm

Friday - 7am to 4.00pm

Saturday - 7am to 4.00pm

Sunday - 8am to 3.30pm


Cnr King & Chapel Streets
Wellington, 5810

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